Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Protests rallies staged in Bataan vs nuclear power plant

At least 1,000 protesters from various militant groups coming from parts of Central Luzon have flocked streets of Balanga, Bataan in a prayer rally calling for anti-revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Monday.

The rallyists carrying placards with statements of “Ibasura ang plantang nukleyar” were very visible in the scene which strongly signifies their opposition on the issue.

The rally which started at around 2pm at the capitol of Balanga was spearheaded by Diocese of Balanga with the involvement of its local government units and militant groups led by Nuclear Free Bataan Movement.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is located in Mt. Natib and as the International Atomic Energy Agency said, it is too risky to have the plant located on top of the volcano, one of the main reasons why protests were staged.

On the other hand, Dr. Giovanni Tapang, a Physics professor at the University of the Philippines said that there is still no study around the site with regards to fault lines seen around Subic area that may trigger earthquake at any possible time.

But community of Bataan still opposes to the revival of the said power plant not just because of the possible damage it may bring in relation to the fault lines but also to the health risks involved in this issue.

According to Aurora Broquil, spokesperson of Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya Central Luzon chapter, the bottom line here is the safety of the people living not only in Bataan, but also in nearby areas.

“The radiation of the power plant can reach 50 kilometer radius immediately affecting Pampanga and Zambales. Experts say that within 50 kilometer radius, all things may easily disintegrate while mutation may occur within 200 kilometer radius,” Broquil added.

Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya will continuously engage themselves along with other militant groups in protest rallies until the government favors not to re-open the BNPP.

Renato Solayao, 57, resident of Orion, Bataan meanwhile expressed his strong feelings with this issue through an interview. He blamed the government’s corruption on this matter that’s why they are pursuing the revival of the BNPP regardless of its factors that may affect the community of Bataan largely.

“Corruption is too much. That’s why we, the poor, do not get any support because all of the money goes to their pockets,: Solayao said.

As of now, 190 congressmen signed the agreement favoring the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and militant groups stood firm that they will not stop invoking and informing the whole nation of the disadvantages of this issue through protest rallies until the government decided not to re-open it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dalawang araw nawala si “jiggly”. Siyempre sinamantala ko ang pagkakataon na yun.

Apat na buwan na mula nung huli akong nag- undertime sa trabaho ko. This time hindi ko ‘to ginawa dahil sa may kailangan akong habulin o ayusin. Wala lang, gusto ko lang maexperience umuwi ng maaga. Sarap ng pakiramdam na umuwi ng may sikat pa ang araw, magtrabaho ng walang inaantay na utos at walang masyadong maraming tanung na kailangang sagutin, makipagsiksikan sa LRT dahil rush hour at maabutan ang family ko na nagdidinner.

Minsan lang ‘to mangyari. Siguro 1 beses sa kada apat hanggang anim na buwan. Nakita mo ang gap? Masyadong malayo. Isipin mo na lang kung gano kaswerteng maituturing ang sarili ko nung araw na wala siya. At isipin mo na lang din kung ganong pagtitiis ang kinakaya ko… na sa araw-araw na ginawa ng diyos pagmumukha niya ang nakikita ko, malaki at nakakatarantang boses niya ang naririnig ko at masyadong malakas na presence niya ang nararamdaman ko.

Mahaba pa siguro pagsasamahan namin. Wala pa naman ako balak lisanin siya, hindi pa siguro panahon kahit pinipilit ko na oras na at talagang puro “pagtitiyaga” na lang ang ginagawa ko.

Kailan kaya uli mangyayari ito? Para makaramdam naman uli ako ng kasiyahan na nakukuha ko sa pag-undertime. Maliit at walang kwentang bagay kung tutuusin ang pinaghuhugatan ng saya ko pero malaking bagay na sa akin yan. Isang araw ng kalayaan kung maikukunsidera.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1 killed, 2 others hurt in QC stabbing incident

A lady died while two others were hurt in a stabbing incident in a residential warehouse in Sto. Domingo, Quezon City early Sunday, police official said.

Loida Villaranda, 23, died while her housemates Ronalyn Carias, 24 and Jenalyn Toriefil, 18, were hurt when Jerwin Monteman, 23, houseboy attacked them due to paranoia.

According to investigations, the suspect felt that his housemates are ganging up on him and so when he was drunk, he confronted Carias. Monteman was fed up in their argumentation which triggered him to get a knife in the kitchen for a stabbing attempt on Carias. Monteman’s attention suddenly diverted to Villaranda when the latter came and screamed upon seeing the incident.

Villaranda died on the spot after obtaining seven stab wounds in head, neck and chest while Carias and Toriefil obtained wounds on the head and left hand respectively after the suspect hit them with a block of wood, police investigator PO3 Ernesto Corpuz Jr., said in a phone interview.

The incident transpired at No.172 Don Manuel near cor. Don Pepe Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City at around 7: 30 am Sunday.

The apprehended suspect and the two injured victims were turned over to Homicide Division of QCPD in Camp Karingal for further investigations and filing of case while the dead body of Villaranda was brought to the SOCO laboratory for autopsy, Corpuz added.