Wednesday, December 16, 2009

been a long time.

I think I need to catch up with a lot of things. It's been 3 months since I had my last entry, blame it on the kind of work I am into. I just have to forego my extra-curricular activities like this.

Checking up the dashboards, pile of distinguished entries from familiar authors welcomed me. I must admit, I never even visited any blogsite among my favorite authors and it sucks that I missed a lot of good stories from them. And I'm also excited to share the stories I've encountered in the past few months.

As of now, I'm still struggling how to bring back the energy of writing my day-to-day accounts but I know, I have to. It's not the number of blogs you've written but it's the nice stories being unfold.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was my day yesterday and I must say, it’s been another fun-filled celebration of my birthday.

Good old friends filled up my house; they never fail to remember my special day. My betterhalf, though not around (since he has this plan in mind), still able to greet me with best words. I also got the chance to thank HIM for all the blessings, trials and hanging moments he provided me in the past years. Even my family and relatives constantly greeted me. That really made my day.

But I also had my pause. I am another year older and this only means that I’m maturing and so I should also be more responsible. I just can’t help but think what life has to offer me this year that would surely measure the ripeness of my personality.

Still, whatever scenario there will be in the coming days, I will still share my life, my blessings and my journey with people who always stay around.

To all of you who took the effort to visit and greet me yesterday, Thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


4 days left and another year will add up.

Mackoy is planning to have… a reserved time to thank HIM for another wonderful year, a moment to seize the day with his betterhalf, a chance to express his happiness to his family for just being there and a get together with his good old and new friends.

Mackoy just finished his roller coaster ride, hope he is bound for a smooth-sailing journey across the waters of predicament this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I really need to vent this out, naapektuhan ata ako the whole day.

Hindi ko lang matanggap na sabihing weak ako lalo na kung galing ito sa ex mo. I just can’t grasp the thought that he is seeing my weaknesses pero hindi niya naman alam ang mga pinagdaanan ko sa buhay. I truly believe that the character is measured not on how many fights you have won but on how you bravely face each challenge.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I may not have seen you at your rest but I have witnessed your children walked through the rain to pay their respect.

Yesterday, you just traveled the last street of your journey but one thing is for sure, your children, the Filipino people , will embrace the democracy and freedom you have fought for us , forever.

We could grieve for a wonderful woman like you who personified simplicity, purpose and patriotism. We could continue what your husband died for and what you had lived for; Faith in the Filipino people. Faith in our own integrity. Faith in our Lord.

Soon, the buzz of your death will wither. It’s inevitable. The media will start covering different stories and we’ll have other interesting topics to lurk on.

Now, the questions are:

‘Til when will be inspired to live a good life not only for ourselves but, more importantly, for our nation and those we hold dear? ‘Til when will we warmly embrace our being Filipino? Kikilos ba tayo o mag e-eemote na lang forever and ever?

I think, we all have to keep the fire of genuine faith burning.

But I will still thank God for making me a Filipino and I am very proud to be one. Farewell and Thank you, President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

emotional baggage from NY

My friend from New York arrived last week for a 2-week vacation but instead of having all the time of his life here, he brought along emotional baggage after he broke up with his partner.

And supportive I am, (since we know we have this mutual feeling before but we’re not able to push it through because of some reasons) I seriously gave him pieces of advice just for him to fully recover from the heartbreak. I know him very well and he don’t deserve this kind of relationship full of pretentions, misunderstandings and betrayals. I know how he genuinely love, how he strongly admits his fault and how he considers and respects ideas. Upon hearing his sentiments, I really felt he’ll be having hard time to cope-up with a lot of changes now…lalo na kung ang mga pagbabagong ito ay manggagaling sa mga bagay na nakasanayan mo na.

And it saddens me that we haven’t got the chance to go outside, to finally see each other after almost a year. He invited me for a dinner couple of times dahil sinabi niya na kelangan niya akong makita but I refuse time after time…because of some fears. He knows my situation. I am just hoping that all my advices will be enough kahit na hindi ko ‘to nasambit sa kanya ng personal. I felt bad that this time, when he badly needs someone who could really go with him and help him through this struggle, I was not there.

Four days left and he’ll be going back to NY. I just hope that when he’s already there, he’ll realize this: though your relationship abruptly ended, you should still be happy considering the fact that you already found one true love. I think what’s important here is the experience to genuinely love and be loved back even if it's just for a moment).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dangled catch

Nakilala kita through chat and we had several talks… We exchanged numbers and started texting each other. At times, tinatawagan kita just to let you feel na hindi ako drawing or pasikat lang sa chat. It took us five days to finally decide kung kelan tayo magkikita.

Yeah, hesitant ako that day. Nadala ako sa itsura mo so I was able to easily convince myself just to be there. Come the night of our meeting, I saw you waiting patiently sa couch as I drew myself closer to you. You were shocked na narecognize kita and I saw in your face that you are kinda uncertain kung ako nga ba talaga ang ka meet mo. I reached your hand and introduced myself, you did the same thing. I invited you to sit outside upon ordering two grandes, you refused pero wala kang magagawa I do smoke so I have to stay outside until I finished sipping my business.

We had flirty conversations that night and you even asked me to do other business since you’re in the mood but I rejected the offer, di dahil sa ayaw ko but I also have priorities and commitments waiting for me after ours. Nadismaya ka, ganun din ako. We bid each other goodbye with you saying “di bale there’s always next time…” and I took my way home.

And this is the bullshit part, naiinis ako dahil nageexpect ako na magtetext ka after that night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday all passed by pero ni isang text wala akong nareceive. At eto na naman ako, took the initiative just to know kung anu na nangyari sayo and then the rest are just a part of insignificant talks.

Tama ako na hindi muna mag-give in sa gusto mo that night, though it would be a night of pleasure. I felt lucky coz tight ang schedule ko that day, it led me to restrain myself from such.
And now I realized, I found someone na hindi matino kausap… Contacts and even that one-night-episode were all obliterated in my memory.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sunday affair

Last Sunday, we argued. My favor aggravates your mood. You know for a fact that my intention was just to help-out someone who really needs assistance. I asked you if we could lend that person some bucks which will be taken from our joint account but you vehemently said no. You declared it is you who holds the big portion of the total amount of our account and so the decision will have to come from you.

I was emotionally ruined by those statements. It caused me to shy myself away from the painful bites of reality. Yes I’ve got your point, that the account will only be for us but I always end up questioning myself, was my intention not that good to convince you kahit pa binigyan kita ng assurance…

Oh well, good thing I was able to recoup myself after couple of hours. Naisip ko na lang, money should not be an issue for both of us. It should not ruin our smooth-sailing and well-established relationship. See, nagmamature din naman ako…

Thursday, June 25, 2009

patience is a virtue

May napipintong kakatihan…

FLASHBACK: Nung una kitang makita sa DL mejo nagka interes ako sa’yo. Ewan ko ba pero malakas talaga appeal sa akin ng mga “guys at 30”. You’re a doctor by profession… We talked shortly, able to get your ym address but failed to get each other’s number. Ayos lang, pag natiyempuhan naman kita sa ym I’m sure makukuha ko rin number mo.

Come the day na nagka-chat tayo, potah inisnab mo ako. And I can still remember kung gaano ako kakulit nun sa pag bubuzz sa ym mo just to catch your attention. I am consistent in asking kelan kaya tayo magkikita, just a coffee will do and my treat pero sinabi mo, “dude, paxenxa ka na I’m not into meet-ups wala akong hilig sa mga ganyan.” Therefore I have two guesses, either taken ka na or must admit, di ako mga tipo mo.

Matagal din ang inabot bago ko naisipang i-chat ka uli. And to my surprise nag-iba ata ihip ng hangin. Though you asked me kung sino ako, nakilala mo din naman ako after sending my picture. Well, inentertain mo naman ako. We had these 4 hours flirty conversation in chat which I think led you to invite me for a meet-up. . I asked for your number, you gave it without any hesitation. And then we called it a day.

Really, patience is a virtue. hahaha

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy pudrak's day

(late posting)
Sa lahat ng Tatay…
Sa mga magiging Tatay…
Sa mga Tatay-tatayan…
Sa mga Tatay na mukhang Nanay…
Sa Nanay na mukhang Tatay…
Sa Tatay na Top…
Sa Tatay na Bottom…
Sa Tatay na Separated…
Sa Tatay na Complicated…
Sa Tatay na Baog…
Sa mga Tatay na Lasinggero…
Sa mga Tatay na mahilig sa Chicks…
Sa mga Tatay na mahilig sa kapwa Tatay…
Sa Tatay na Pabigat…
Sa Tatay na Pamenta…
Sa Tatay na nagsisilakihan ang Tiyan…
Sa Tatay na Matigas…
Sa Tatay na Lambut- lambutan…
Sa Tatay mo…
Sa Tatay ko…

Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

one alluring convention

I just came from attending the MAFBEX Convention in World Trade Center, the biggest and most comprehensive food show in the country. Here, top food and beverage companies were given chance to promote their products and their business as well.
I thought it’s gonna be a no-fun-no-excitement convention but to my surprise, ang daming PWEDE! Hehehe. In contrast to my expectations, there’s a good number of handsome guys pa pala na may interes sa mga ganitong conventions. Ohlala… lumikot, gumala at nagpiyesta ang mata ko.

Though it’s a food show, nabusog ako not because of the convention itself but mainly because of cuties and hotties present in the venue.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hindi ko maikakaila na minsan nagiging makati din ako. I’m trying to be an honest and loyal partner pero minsan pumapalya ako simply because of certain unexpected occurrences.

May 25. Dumating ka dito sa Manila pero wala akong kaalam-alam. I still remember the days na nagtetext tayo, you’re asking for some financial help para may pampamasahe ka mahabol lang ang girlfriend mo dito before she totally leaves towards Singapore. Nag-offer ako ng assistance and I promised to help you out pero sa isang kundisyon- na you’ll spend one titillating night with me. You definitely agree just to be here asap. And I was surprise na nandito ka na pala even without my support. Ganun ka ka-desperate and ka-eager para makahanp ng diskarte dun para sundan lang ang gf mo. I admire you for that, how you really love that woman.

Nung una pa lang naman kita makita, I know I have this hidden admiration over you but I kept this in my heart. Pinaniwala ko sarili ko na hindi ka naman dapat hangaan, you’re just an ordinary person anyway. But then when you left Manila that time, I felt like I’m missing you a lot. I keep on playing the song Later by Fra Lippo Lippi since then. Inisip ko nun na baka hindi ka na nga talaga bumisita pa uli dito, gaya ng sabi mo.

At hindi ko alam kung dapat pa ba akong matuwa ngayong nandito ka na lalo pa nung malaman ko na yung gf mo eh iniwan ka na dahil nakahanap na ng kapalit mo- gagong babae yan pagkatapos mo habulin all the way from Cagayan de Oro eh mangangaliwa. We already had a night-out with some of our friends and here I am again, planning kung pano ka masisibak. But I told myself to do it slowly yet steady- para surebol kasi napagplanuhan nga.

I am not that 100% sure to pursue it pero shit ka! Pag nakikita kita nakukumpleto mga plano ko… Tae, ano bang kasiguraduhan ang makukuha ko na kapag nasibak na kita eh di na ako uulit pa, ako’y tao lang na nadadarang at natutukso…uli.

Haay can somebody hit me in the head para magising na ako.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Know thyself

Recently, I found a blogsite which I could consider my haven whenever I opt to shy myself away from a tedious work. Corporate Closet, in a way, has facilitated me to see life in different perspectives (at hindi niya ito alam).

For couple of months, I’ve been consistent in reading all his blogs from the day he started it up to his new entry today. I am particular to every story he shares with the readers and it is quite engaging to see lots of readers who react on each entries.

Yes, I am now considering myself an avid fan not only of his write-ups but further to his personality projected right in the course of just sharing his experiences. Consequently, his entries also pave way to know myself better.

Easily, I was able to recognize kung bakit hindi sa babae natuon ang attention at libog ko and mind you there is no point of regret. Not to mention all but mainly my family, friends and personal choices influenced me a lot.

I grew up in a “women-dominated family” and I must admit my mother, my aunts and my cousins contributed a lot sa pagiging soft-hearted and fragile ko instead of that usual “macho image”. I couldn’t blame them, nagging mayos naman ang pagpapalaki nila sa akin so why question the kind of family I grew up with. I should be thankful with them, dahil sa kanila I’ve learned to encompass an immense respect for all the women.

Another factor I should consider: the type of relationship my father and I had during my childhood years. It was really a melancholic part of my life. I am used to bruises and imprisonment, have been to long periods of crying and attempts of rebellions but still never heard myself speak up just to defend my wrecked emotions. Father, you cannot blame me. I kept all of those trashy memories but don’t worry I am still working it out. Yes, we are now entirely different compared to yesterday’s picture. We both learned to exchange smiles, to discuss certain things and to hang-up in several drinking sprees but you should be reminded that I once felt worthless and that would never leave my memory. Still, I want to be a good son to you and so I am now on the process of just making the best effort to cover up my yesterday’s worthlessness.

What is important now is the fact that I know myself very well more than my family and my friends do. Ei CC, thanks anyway.

Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd day

It was my 2nd day at my new work and it was really a disaster. I came late at the office dahil sa pesteng problema sa traffic malas talaga kasi Friday dahil dumoble ang volume ng mga sasakyan na nasa kalsada. Dahil jan, my boss got irritated. Of course iba magiging dating sa kanya coz it is only my 2nd day and yet nakakitaan na ako ng lateness.

Everything follows, mukhang trip ata ako today and so “bengga- boy” ang naging papel ko ngayon. Malay ko ba naman na ganun siya ka strict when it comes to work. Ako ’tong si gago ang kulit super text at di nakuha kung bakit ako tinanung kung tapos na daw yung mga clients na dapat kong tawagan. Pangalawang bengga, nanlabsa ako sa sinabi niya habang nagetetxt ako. Parang tae na di na mapigilan ng puwet.

Boss: Is it important? Is it an emergency? (galit ha!)

Nyeta bawal pala magtext pag office hours kundi dapat pag break lang. Hayaan “nayari ka” tuloy ako. Nagpanggap na lang ako na important dahil kapatid ko katext ko. Salamat sis, ikaw napili kong ipangharang sa napipintong kahihiyan. Kung nabulunan ka man nung mga panahon nay un o nakagat mo dila mo, ayos lang yan. Hahahaha

Pangalawang bagay, pinagkatuwaan ako ng mga pokpokitang babae dito habang naglulunch ako sa pantry.

Pokpokita 1: Alam mo uso yung kulay ng skin mo ngayon, obvious na summer (tawanan)

Kinginamez ninyong lahat akala mo kung sino kayong magaganda, may araw din kayo. Makakasundo niyo din ako, di niyo pa nakikilala kung gano kagago at gano kabastardo ang tinirada niyo. Wait lang at malalaman ninyo kung gaano katabil ang dila ko. Heheheh

Don’t wori di ko naman tinuturing ang mga bagay na ito as dissatisfaction. Yun nga lang hindi ko maiwasang ikumpara ang trabaho ko noon sa trabaho ko ngayon. Maraming pagkakaiba oo pero andito na tayo eh. Hamon? Panibagong pakikisama at panibagong pakikibaka.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Liham para kay Ka Freddie

Bilang na ang mga araw ko sa kompanyang unang nagturo sa akin kung paano maging madiskarte. Di ko maikakaila na tuluyan nang nagsisimulang manuot sa aking isip na sa paglisan ko, maraming bagay din akong pilit na lilingunin.

Pero sa kabila ng nalalabing araw ko dito, hindi ko mawari kung bakit ako nagsasakripisyo ng malaki. Hindi na dapat ganito ang nararamdaman ko ngayon, dapat nga sana “take your time na lang ako” o kung hindi man eh “chillax” nalang ako. Kaso hindi ganun, napalitan yan ng inis, tampo at pagtataka na sa kabila ng mga pangyayaring ito heto ako’t nanatiling walang bayag at tikom- sobra sobrang pagtitiyaga at pagtitiis kahit sa mga huling araw. Haist!

Para sa’yo ka Freddie:

Mukhang pinagplanuhan mo ito, hindi naging maganda ang rehistro ng pagkatao mo sa kin. Mukha ring marami ka pang dapat pagpahalagahan. Ang trabaho ay hindi katulad ng isang klase na kapag boring ka na ay lilisanin mo para mag-cut o aabsenan mo.

Pumapasok ngayon dito ang usapang responsibilidad at pagiging prospeyonal. Ang isang tao na alam ang totoong kahulugan ng salitang responsibility at professionalism ay hindi tatakbuhan ang lahat ng mga naging problema. Pilit ko na pinapaalala sayo na may responsibilidad ka at sinabi mo na alam mo ang mga iyon pero heto ka’t naging karas-karas sa desisyon mo.

Kung anuman ang rason mo na tanging ikaw at ikaw lang ang nakakaalam, mabuti pang itago mo na lang yan… yan ang naging mitsa ng “inis” at “suya” ko sa’yo
Salamat kasi hindi man ang kompanya, pero ikaw ang sumulit sa natitirang 10 araw ko dito.
Gamit na gamit ang powers ko at drained na ang lahat ng ito.

Goodluck sa’yo.

Ngayon atat ako na makaalis na dito pero magmimistulang mantsa na mananatili sa aking damit ang lahat ng mga pangyayaring nagdaan sa mga nakalipas na araw.

Lilipad ako ng buong tulin patungo sa bago kong pugad.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

unfaithful ang mga babae

Scenario: Kaninang madaling araw.

Pumara ng taxi para maihatid ako pauwi. Sakto “damatans” ang drayber, mas mabuti ng piliin ang mga matatandang driver... hindi marunong manggulang at maingat sa pagmamaneho. Ayos si manong, chikador. Tamang-tama lang para hindi ko makatulugan ang biyahe…

Naunang pagusapan ang pulitika, kahit na dumudugo na ang tenga ko tungkol diyan (dahil sa araw-araw na ginawa ko parte yan ng trabaho ko) nagrereact pa din ako sa mga sinasabi niya. Masabi lang na nakikinig ako hehehehe.

Naawa din ako kay manong nung sabihin niya na minalas siya nung oras na yun dahil nakotongan pa siya. Yung kinita niyang P340 sa tatlong biyahe ay nalimas lahat ng mga taranggagong pulis na walang ginawa kundi manlamang ng mga tao. Masakit pa nito, mahihirap na tao ang mas madalas na nalalamangan.

Pero natawa na lang ako sa mga susunod na pag-uusap:

Manong: Sa call center ka din brod?

Mokong: Ay hindi ho.

Manong: Ano trabaho mo?

Mokong: Diyan lang, sa dyaryo.

Manong: Ahh…. Pero siguro naman single ka pa?

Mokong: Oo naman ho.

Manong: Naku brod, huwag ka muna mag-aasawa ha. Sa totoo lang, mahirap makahanap ng tunay na babae ngayon, karamihan ng mga babae manloloko… kaya ok yan na single ka pa.

Mokong: (Tigalgal)

Hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko. Hindi ba niya alam na hindi babae ang hanap ko, na sa pulutong ng mga tao na makikita ko sa daan wala akong pakialam sa magagandang mukha at seksing katawan ng babae na nadadaanan at nakakasalubong ko. Hehehe Kapwa ko ang tanging makakapuno ng mga pantasya sa isip ko, ang makakapagpataas ng libido sa katawan ko at ang makakapagpaiyak sa mutaing mata ko.

Gusto ko sana siyang salungatin, na ang lalaki ang mas maloko. Lalo sa ganitong uri ng relasyon, walang kasiguraduhan… pag nangati ka, nagalit, nabuwisit, nawalan ng communication ang partner mo, nagsawa, napagod, nasakal lahat yan makakagawa ka ng panloloko. Minsan nga mas bumibilib pa ako sa mga babae dahil kaya nilang maging loyal up to their very last breath kahit sa kabila ng mga kagaguhan ng mga lalaki. Hehehe.

Pero nasa tao naman kasi talaga ang isyu na yan. Kung wala kang kontrol at hindi mo alam ang halaga ng word na “commitment”, talbos ka kahit opposite o same sex pa yang partner mo!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NFBM-Net launched vs revival of BNPP

Veterans and Government officials gathered in Provincial Capitol in Pampanga for the launching of Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement Network (NFBM-Net) against the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Thursday afternoon.

The forum spearheaded by Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement militant group was also attended by individuals, academe, religious sectors and organizations that strongly signify their opposition against Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. NFBM-Net is not only localized in Bataan but in the entire Region III as the immediate affected area once the power plant re-opens.

Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio and San Fernando City Mayor Oca Rodriguez were the key speakers in the said forum along with Monsignor Tony Dumaoal, Chairman of NFBM- Central Luzon Chapter. All of them committed for the continuous building of networks in provinces of Pampanga and Zambales.

Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement Secretary General Francisco Honra said in a phone interview that the launching of the network aims to strengthen the information dissemination campaign against the risks of re-opening the BNPP in health and economic aspects primarily.

Honra also added that hopefully through the network, they may be able to push through in lobbying the congressmen as 184 of them are in favor for the revival of the plant.

BNPP is subject for further study to confirm how defective the facility is but Department of Energy and National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) are both willing to operate the plant.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Protests rallies staged in Bataan vs nuclear power plant

At least 1,000 protesters from various militant groups coming from parts of Central Luzon have flocked streets of Balanga, Bataan in a prayer rally calling for anti-revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Monday.

The rallyists carrying placards with statements of “Ibasura ang plantang nukleyar” were very visible in the scene which strongly signifies their opposition on the issue.

The rally which started at around 2pm at the capitol of Balanga was spearheaded by Diocese of Balanga with the involvement of its local government units and militant groups led by Nuclear Free Bataan Movement.

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is located in Mt. Natib and as the International Atomic Energy Agency said, it is too risky to have the plant located on top of the volcano, one of the main reasons why protests were staged.

On the other hand, Dr. Giovanni Tapang, a Physics professor at the University of the Philippines said that there is still no study around the site with regards to fault lines seen around Subic area that may trigger earthquake at any possible time.

But community of Bataan still opposes to the revival of the said power plant not just because of the possible damage it may bring in relation to the fault lines but also to the health risks involved in this issue.

According to Aurora Broquil, spokesperson of Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya Central Luzon chapter, the bottom line here is the safety of the people living not only in Bataan, but also in nearby areas.

“The radiation of the power plant can reach 50 kilometer radius immediately affecting Pampanga and Zambales. Experts say that within 50 kilometer radius, all things may easily disintegrate while mutation may occur within 200 kilometer radius,” Broquil added.

Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya will continuously engage themselves along with other militant groups in protest rallies until the government favors not to re-open the BNPP.

Renato Solayao, 57, resident of Orion, Bataan meanwhile expressed his strong feelings with this issue through an interview. He blamed the government’s corruption on this matter that’s why they are pursuing the revival of the BNPP regardless of its factors that may affect the community of Bataan largely.

“Corruption is too much. That’s why we, the poor, do not get any support because all of the money goes to their pockets,: Solayao said.

As of now, 190 congressmen signed the agreement favoring the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and militant groups stood firm that they will not stop invoking and informing the whole nation of the disadvantages of this issue through protest rallies until the government decided not to re-open it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dalawang araw nawala si “jiggly”. Siyempre sinamantala ko ang pagkakataon na yun.

Apat na buwan na mula nung huli akong nag- undertime sa trabaho ko. This time hindi ko ‘to ginawa dahil sa may kailangan akong habulin o ayusin. Wala lang, gusto ko lang maexperience umuwi ng maaga. Sarap ng pakiramdam na umuwi ng may sikat pa ang araw, magtrabaho ng walang inaantay na utos at walang masyadong maraming tanung na kailangang sagutin, makipagsiksikan sa LRT dahil rush hour at maabutan ang family ko na nagdidinner.

Minsan lang ‘to mangyari. Siguro 1 beses sa kada apat hanggang anim na buwan. Nakita mo ang gap? Masyadong malayo. Isipin mo na lang kung gano kaswerteng maituturing ang sarili ko nung araw na wala siya. At isipin mo na lang din kung ganong pagtitiis ang kinakaya ko… na sa araw-araw na ginawa ng diyos pagmumukha niya ang nakikita ko, malaki at nakakatarantang boses niya ang naririnig ko at masyadong malakas na presence niya ang nararamdaman ko.

Mahaba pa siguro pagsasamahan namin. Wala pa naman ako balak lisanin siya, hindi pa siguro panahon kahit pinipilit ko na oras na at talagang puro “pagtitiyaga” na lang ang ginagawa ko.

Kailan kaya uli mangyayari ito? Para makaramdam naman uli ako ng kasiyahan na nakukuha ko sa pag-undertime. Maliit at walang kwentang bagay kung tutuusin ang pinaghuhugatan ng saya ko pero malaking bagay na sa akin yan. Isang araw ng kalayaan kung maikukunsidera.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1 killed, 2 others hurt in QC stabbing incident

A lady died while two others were hurt in a stabbing incident in a residential warehouse in Sto. Domingo, Quezon City early Sunday, police official said.

Loida Villaranda, 23, died while her housemates Ronalyn Carias, 24 and Jenalyn Toriefil, 18, were hurt when Jerwin Monteman, 23, houseboy attacked them due to paranoia.

According to investigations, the suspect felt that his housemates are ganging up on him and so when he was drunk, he confronted Carias. Monteman was fed up in their argumentation which triggered him to get a knife in the kitchen for a stabbing attempt on Carias. Monteman’s attention suddenly diverted to Villaranda when the latter came and screamed upon seeing the incident.

Villaranda died on the spot after obtaining seven stab wounds in head, neck and chest while Carias and Toriefil obtained wounds on the head and left hand respectively after the suspect hit them with a block of wood, police investigator PO3 Ernesto Corpuz Jr., said in a phone interview.

The incident transpired at No.172 Don Manuel near cor. Don Pepe Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City at around 7: 30 am Sunday.

The apprehended suspect and the two injured victims were turned over to Homicide Division of QCPD in Camp Karingal for further investigations and filing of case while the dead body of Villaranda was brought to the SOCO laboratory for autopsy, Corpuz added.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RP economy grew 4.6% in the 4th quarter of 2008

The Philippine’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 4.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 from 6.4 percent the previous year despite global economic crisis, government officials said Thursday.

Secretary Ralph Recto, director general of the National Economic Development Authority said in a press conference that the resilience of the country’s services bolstered the economy’s expansion to 4.5 percent though it was lower than the growth gained in the same period last year.

“Our major growth divers for this quarter are trade, agriculture, fishery, manufacturing and construction services. They all contributed to the growth of our GDP by 4.5 percent while this was 1.9 percent lower than the growth posted in the same period of 2007,” he said.

The country’s Gross National Product (GNP) was able to rise by 6.4 percent from last year’s 6.0 percent due to the continuous and strong inflows of remittances from the overseas Filipino workers.

“Total overseas Filipino remittances grew by 6.6 percent for the period October to November 2008, which mainly caused the 27.9 percent growth in net factor income from abroad,” Recto added.

In terms of growth rate by sector, AFF and Services decreased- AFF has a 2.8 percentage from 5. 7 percent and Services obtained a 4.9 percentage from 7.8 percent while Industry increased from 4.9 percent to 5.0 percent; all figures shown in a data presentation.

On the expenditure side, consumer spending reported a lower growth of 4.5 percent from 6.2 percent a year ago.

The government consumption rises to 4.7 percent from 4.6 percent due to the efforts made in augmenting the earnings of the government employees, said Romulo Virola, secretary general of the National Statistical Coordination Board.

Amid the economic crisis, Recto is positive that the Philippine’s economy would remain resilient and well-prepared for the eventual economic rebound.

“If there’s a big slowdown, there is also a big recovery… Once the problem has been solved, there is a bigger chance to rebound,” he said.

Development Budget Coordinating Committee (DBCC) meanwhile assumes a 3.4 percent to 4.7 percent growth rate to achieve this year.

2 villages in Guimaras affected by water cut-off due to e-coli

Two villages in Jordan, Guimaras were affected as the water supply there was halted since Friday due to e-coli bacteria found in their water samples.

Jordan Water District and the local authorities decided to cut off the supply of water in villages of Ravena and San Miguel after receiving reports that their water contains e-coli bacteria.

“When we received the report, we immediately stop the water supply in the villages of Ravena and San Miguel,” Mr. Melchor Bitangco, General Manager of Jordan Water District said in a phone interview.

Bitangco explained that they conducted water tests to be submitted to the laboratory of the Central Philippine University in the city of Guimaras for the validation of the results.
Local authorities are now looking for the large piggery located near the river as the possible cause for the incident.

“It is still indefinite but we believe that the large piggery located at the upstream of the river is the cause why e-coli were seen in many water samples since our main source of water here is located near the river also,” Bitangco added.

So far, no one was reported suffering from the incident.

As of now, the local authorities and the Jordan Water District are conducting constant water monitoring, restoration of distributed pipelines and increasing the dosage of chlorine in the water as part of their precautionary measures towards the occurrence.

Bitangco advised the residents to boil the water first before drinking it to avoid unexpected illness.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

P6 million ransom for 3 abducted public school teachers

MANILA -- Authorities are still validating the P6 million ransom demand asked by the abductors of the three public school teachers who were seized in Landang Gua and Pangapuyan islands in Zamboanga early Friday, police official said yesterday.

“There is no official release or report from the investigating unit regarding that matter. As of now, we are still verifying it,” Senior Superintendent Jose Gucela, spokesperson of Zamboanga Police Office said in a phone interview.

Media reports earlier quoted families of the abducted teachers saying they were contacted by the abductors to raise P6 million ransom or P2 million for each victims. Gucela said that the Zamboanga police are still confirming the said ransom.

Local government created a crisis management team called Task Force Guro to gather information on the whereabouts of the victims and also to closely coordinate with the families of the victims.

“The task force is created because this is not only a problem of the families but also the entire Zamboanga province. This is really a threat to the economy of the province,” Gucela added.

The task force is now enhancing the hardening measures augmented by the local authorities, regional mobile group and post multipliers. So far, barangay captains also pledge to support the campaign for the immediate release of the victims.

Mayor Celso Lobregat, head of Task Force Guro, meanwhile appealed for the community of Zamboanga to participate in this matter.

“The victims are somewhere; they cannot be invisible so we are appealing to the community to give all the needed information where the victims can be secured safely,” Lobregat said in a television interview, Sunday morning.

At present, authorities cannot identify which group is responsible for the kidnapping.

Rafael Mayonado, Janette Delos Reyes and Frairez Quizon aboard a motorboat were kidnapped while on their way to Zamboanga City from Sacol Island.

Monday, January 19, 2009

letter of sentiments

I don’t know how to react pero I must admit hindi ako sanay na makita ka best na umiiyak dahil lang sa isang lalake na walang kasiguraduhan.

Nagkwento ka kung bakit at paano nabuo yang nararamdaman mo towards him, hindi ko inaakala na ganun na kalalim yang tinatago mo. Inisip ko baka naman nadadala ka lang ng mga maimpluwensyang bagay a paligid mo pero hindi eh. Bakit ka umiiyak dahil sa kanya? Bakit ka nmumula kapag nandyan siya? Bakit ka kinikilig kapag nahahaplos ka niya? Bakit ka nalulungkot kapag wala siya?

Hindi ito puppy love para sa mga katulad mo best na kailan lang nakilala ang sarili. Alam ko matindi ang kagustuhan mo sa kanya…

Tapos nagtext ka sa akin:

Ganun na lang bay un? Wala na bang karapatan kami para magmahal… Balewala na lang bas a inyo ang nararamdaman naming? O sadyang wala kaming kwentang nilalang sa mundo? Sana hindi ako tama mac.- ash

Kahit kelan hindi nila maiintindihan ang sentimyento ng mga gaya natin. Hindi nila maiintindihan na pwede din tayo magmahal at mahalin.

Kaya nagreply ako sa’yo:

Hindi lahat ng tao nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na magmahal at hindi din lahat ng tao nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na mahalin. Kaya kayo na minamahal, matuto kayong pahalagahan ito. At tayo namang nagmamahal, matuto tayong limitahan ito. I know maco-conquer mo yan ash. – mac

Sana best naging malinaw say o kung anu gusto kong sabhin. Ito ka na naman, nauulit na naman ang mga pangyayari. Kaya bago ka pa lamunin uli ng hiya mo at bago ka pa makulong diyan sa nararamdaman mo, mag-isip ka na kung may patutunguhan nga ba yang laban mo.

Mag-iingat ka parati. Andito lang kami ni esel.

Friday, January 16, 2009

3 towns in Cebu hit by big waves, 62 houses wiped out

Three coastal towns were largely affected when big waves destroyed and washed out residents’ houses as storm surged in Cebu province.

Towns of Ginatilan,Samboan and Dumanjug were badly hit by the waves wiping out a total number of 62 houses, said National Disaster Coordinating Council.

In the town of Ginatilan, five barangays were affected as the incident occurred. Six houses were damaged in Barangay Guiwanon, 12 in Barangay Looc, two in Barangay San Roque, one in Barangay Palanas and five houses in Barangay Poblacion bringing to a total of 26 damaged residences, as confirmed by Civil Defense officer Marichu Tan.

Tan also said 26 houses were also devastated in six barangays in the town of Samboan while Barangay Looc in the town of Dumanjug was the only barangay affected leading to the obliteration of 10 houses there.

The evacuated families were transferred in different schools and municipal halls, Tan added.

So far, no casualties were reported in the incident.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

25 passengers injured when an aircraft crash-landed in Aklan

MANILA -- At least 25 passengers were injured when an aircraft hit a side wall while landing at the runway of Caticlan Airport in Aklan on Sunday morning, according to Aklan Provincial Police Office.

Zest Air flight 6K865, owned by the Asian Spirit Airlines, left Manila Domestic Airport at 06:10 am and crash-landed in Caticlan at around 7:00 am on board a 27 passengers from Manila mostly bound to Boracay. All the 25 victims were brought to Caticlan Baptist Hospital.

In an interview, Deputy Provincial Director Police Superintendent Anthony Maghari confirmed that out of 25 injured, three of them are not passengers but only personnel who were near the area. Two Australians, two Koreans and a German national were reported injured.

Four passengers including the pilot are still in the said hospital due to major wounds after obtaining severe laceration, abrasion and hematoma. Maghari also said that they were able to maintain the contacts of the other victims for further assistance they might need.

Maghari narrated that the plane before landing lose its control due to strong winds making two turns causing it to land on the national road instead of the runway. Upon landing, it bounced resulting for the tires to swivel hitting the right-wing wall of the airport.

As of now, authorities cannot still determine if the airport sustained major damages but the Air Transportation Office decided to temporarily close the airport due to the said incident.

Meanwhile, Asian Spirit has no official statements regarding the incident as they are still undergoing investigation.

The airport resumed its operations at about 12:15 pm, said Ms. Marie Torres Airport Manager of Caticlan Airport.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution ni Mac

Bagong taon na naman, marami na namang naglalabasang resolutions.

Ako? Isa lang naman ang naisip ko ngayon- bawas sa yosi. Habang tumatagal at habang di ko pinapansin lumalakas ako manigarilyo. Iisipin ko na lang na ang bawat isang stik ng yosi ang katumbas ay etits. Kung sa isang araw ay makakasampung yosi ako eh di parang sampung etits na rin ang nahithit ko. Ampanget, hindi maganda. Kung ganito ang magiging pamantayan ko, tiyak makakabawas ako. Matikas na motivation yun para kumunti ang hihithitin kong yosi. Hehe

Hindi nasusukat sa ilang stiks ng yosi na yoyosihin ko ang bigat at dami ng pagmamahal ko sa kanya. Kung sa magiging pamantayan ko naman babasehin, hindi rin naman sa paghithit (sex) nasusukat yun. I believe there’s a profound reason why I opt to stay. Naks!

Tandaan mo hon, sa bawat usok na ibubuga ko mula sa mga yosi na sisindihan ko sa mga susunod na araw, kasama doon ang mga bagay na mali at hindi natin napagkasunduan nung nagdaang taon. Pipilitin ko na maging close to perfection gaya ng pagsisimula kong magbawas ng nicotine sa baga para nang sa gayon wala kang maireklamo at hindi ka maghanap ng ibang yosi na hihithitin. Hehehe =)

“Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke”- Lynda Barry