Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dangled catch

Nakilala kita through chat and we had several talks… We exchanged numbers and started texting each other. At times, tinatawagan kita just to let you feel na hindi ako drawing or pasikat lang sa chat. It took us five days to finally decide kung kelan tayo magkikita.

Yeah, hesitant ako that day. Nadala ako sa itsura mo so I was able to easily convince myself just to be there. Come the night of our meeting, I saw you waiting patiently sa couch as I drew myself closer to you. You were shocked na narecognize kita and I saw in your face that you are kinda uncertain kung ako nga ba talaga ang ka meet mo. I reached your hand and introduced myself, you did the same thing. I invited you to sit outside upon ordering two grandes, you refused pero wala kang magagawa I do smoke so I have to stay outside until I finished sipping my business.

We had flirty conversations that night and you even asked me to do other business since you’re in the mood but I rejected the offer, di dahil sa ayaw ko but I also have priorities and commitments waiting for me after ours. Nadismaya ka, ganun din ako. We bid each other goodbye with you saying “di bale there’s always next time…” and I took my way home.

And this is the bullshit part, naiinis ako dahil nageexpect ako na magtetext ka after that night. Saturday, Sunday and Monday all passed by pero ni isang text wala akong nareceive. At eto na naman ako, took the initiative just to know kung anu na nangyari sayo and then the rest are just a part of insignificant talks.

Tama ako na hindi muna mag-give in sa gusto mo that night, though it would be a night of pleasure. I felt lucky coz tight ang schedule ko that day, it led me to restrain myself from such.
And now I realized, I found someone na hindi matino kausap… Contacts and even that one-night-episode were all obliterated in my memory.


wanderingcommuter said...

well atleast you are still indeed fortunate!

mackoy said...

:wandering commuter: tnx for visiting my site. hmmm, i should consider it a misfortune- a waste of time, effort and money.