Wednesday, July 29, 2009

emotional baggage from NY

My friend from New York arrived last week for a 2-week vacation but instead of having all the time of his life here, he brought along emotional baggage after he broke up with his partner.

And supportive I am, (since we know we have this mutual feeling before but we’re not able to push it through because of some reasons) I seriously gave him pieces of advice just for him to fully recover from the heartbreak. I know him very well and he don’t deserve this kind of relationship full of pretentions, misunderstandings and betrayals. I know how he genuinely love, how he strongly admits his fault and how he considers and respects ideas. Upon hearing his sentiments, I really felt he’ll be having hard time to cope-up with a lot of changes now…lalo na kung ang mga pagbabagong ito ay manggagaling sa mga bagay na nakasanayan mo na.

And it saddens me that we haven’t got the chance to go outside, to finally see each other after almost a year. He invited me for a dinner couple of times dahil sinabi niya na kelangan niya akong makita but I refuse time after time…because of some fears. He knows my situation. I am just hoping that all my advices will be enough kahit na hindi ko ‘to nasambit sa kanya ng personal. I felt bad that this time, when he badly needs someone who could really go with him and help him through this struggle, I was not there.

Four days left and he’ll be going back to NY. I just hope that when he’s already there, he’ll realize this: though your relationship abruptly ended, you should still be happy considering the fact that you already found one true love. I think what’s important here is the experience to genuinely love and be loved back even if it's just for a moment).

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