Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was my day yesterday and I must say, it’s been another fun-filled celebration of my birthday.

Good old friends filled up my house; they never fail to remember my special day. My betterhalf, though not around (since he has this plan in mind), still able to greet me with best words. I also got the chance to thank HIM for all the blessings, trials and hanging moments he provided me in the past years. Even my family and relatives constantly greeted me. That really made my day.

But I also had my pause. I am another year older and this only means that I’m maturing and so I should also be more responsible. I just can’t help but think what life has to offer me this year that would surely measure the ripeness of my personality.

Still, whatever scenario there will be in the coming days, I will still share my life, my blessings and my journey with people who always stay around.

To all of you who took the effort to visit and greet me yesterday, Thank you so much!

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