Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 villages in Guimaras affected by water cut-off due to e-coli

Two villages in Jordan, Guimaras were affected as the water supply there was halted since Friday due to e-coli bacteria found in their water samples.

Jordan Water District and the local authorities decided to cut off the supply of water in villages of Ravena and San Miguel after receiving reports that their water contains e-coli bacteria.

“When we received the report, we immediately stop the water supply in the villages of Ravena and San Miguel,” Mr. Melchor Bitangco, General Manager of Jordan Water District said in a phone interview.

Bitangco explained that they conducted water tests to be submitted to the laboratory of the Central Philippine University in the city of Guimaras for the validation of the results.
Local authorities are now looking for the large piggery located near the river as the possible cause for the incident.

“It is still indefinite but we believe that the large piggery located at the upstream of the river is the cause why e-coli were seen in many water samples since our main source of water here is located near the river also,” Bitangco added.

So far, no one was reported suffering from the incident.

As of now, the local authorities and the Jordan Water District are conducting constant water monitoring, restoration of distributed pipelines and increasing the dosage of chlorine in the water as part of their precautionary measures towards the occurrence.

Bitangco advised the residents to boil the water first before drinking it to avoid unexpected illness.

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