Monday, April 20, 2009

Know thyself

Recently, I found a blogsite which I could consider my haven whenever I opt to shy myself away from a tedious work. Corporate Closet, in a way, has facilitated me to see life in different perspectives (at hindi niya ito alam).

For couple of months, I’ve been consistent in reading all his blogs from the day he started it up to his new entry today. I am particular to every story he shares with the readers and it is quite engaging to see lots of readers who react on each entries.

Yes, I am now considering myself an avid fan not only of his write-ups but further to his personality projected right in the course of just sharing his experiences. Consequently, his entries also pave way to know myself better.

Easily, I was able to recognize kung bakit hindi sa babae natuon ang attention at libog ko and mind you there is no point of regret. Not to mention all but mainly my family, friends and personal choices influenced me a lot.

I grew up in a “women-dominated family” and I must admit my mother, my aunts and my cousins contributed a lot sa pagiging soft-hearted and fragile ko instead of that usual “macho image”. I couldn’t blame them, nagging mayos naman ang pagpapalaki nila sa akin so why question the kind of family I grew up with. I should be thankful with them, dahil sa kanila I’ve learned to encompass an immense respect for all the women.

Another factor I should consider: the type of relationship my father and I had during my childhood years. It was really a melancholic part of my life. I am used to bruises and imprisonment, have been to long periods of crying and attempts of rebellions but still never heard myself speak up just to defend my wrecked emotions. Father, you cannot blame me. I kept all of those trashy memories but don’t worry I am still working it out. Yes, we are now entirely different compared to yesterday’s picture. We both learned to exchange smiles, to discuss certain things and to hang-up in several drinking sprees but you should be reminded that I once felt worthless and that would never leave my memory. Still, I want to be a good son to you and so I am now on the process of just making the best effort to cover up my yesterday’s worthlessness.

What is important now is the fact that I know myself very well more than my family and my friends do. Ei CC, thanks anyway.


Ming Meows said...

apir, fan din ako ni cc. obvious naman diba?

mackoy said...

:ming meows: hahaha at dumarami pa...