Friday, October 31, 2008

Nice Job??

Yeah it's been couple of months but still I cannot establish a good rapport with my Chinoy boss. And just this day, I was so detrimented with his feedbacks, oh well reactions, that my co-employee told me. He (who knows nothing but to play Chess online) sees a lot of complaints against me and how I wish he realized that these things are not worthy of any attention.

Limitations and boundaries will be soon just around my corner because this is what he really wants. Less yosi break, less talks and less socialization with other departments. Oh yeah, the third issue would always be the biggest deal for me for he said privacy is still important telling me to stop interfering with other people in other department but excuse me boss, I think your brain is not working effectively! di ako tanga para idaldal ang lahat ng pwedeng idaldal contrast to what you're thinking. There are certain people whom I really trust and for that matter you should consider na mayroon din naman akong delicadeza.

Even smoking is a big no-no! and that's bullshit. Don't ever question my habit or even how long will I take my yosi break. I think what's important eh kahit more than 5 minutes ang pagyoyosi ko eh nagtatrabaho ako not like you who always try to put a hole on your burned sit.

You have to instill in your mind that everyone is entitled with their own liberty so stop building walls around me.You don’t even own the company!

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