Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grad Pix for Primary

Nakakatuwa lang to think that there are some people in Downelink (website ng mga tagilid) who opt to have their graduation pix as their primary photo. nyahaha.

I’m not maligning them but guys we all know that the website has no room for dramas of having formal-wholesome looks. Well I’m not also encouraging these guys to be more daring and show some of their skin but it just don't pleases me to see graduation pictures of gays, bi’s or whatever sexual orientations and claims they have.

Kung ganun lang din naman let it be posted nalang sa friendster or facebook account ninyo rather than posting it there. dun mas ok siya sa paningin... it's a mere fact (and as what 'busted asshole' stated in one of his previous blogs) that most of us sa DL if not professional eh well-educated (two different things) so kung gusto niyo lang din naman ipamukha na nakatapos kayo.... well marami tayo sa website.

peace! =)

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